What Commitment is Expected When Joining a Fraternity in Nashville, Tennessee?

Being part of a Greek organization is a big commitment that requires a weekly time commitment from its members. The amount of time spent with the organization varies from person to person, but typically each chapter holds at least one meeting per week. There are mandatory events for each chapter and for fraternity and sorority life in general, but members must give at least two weeks notice of these events. Joining a fraternity or sorority provides students with an immediate sense of belonging to a home away from home, making the transition to independent living a little easier.

It also offers unparalleled opportunities for members to participate in all kinds of activities, such as theme parties, theatrical productions, fundraisers, and Homecoming Week. The University of Tampa does not recognize any off-campus homes where members of university fraternities and sororities live, nor should affiliates promote these establishments as the property of their organizations and the University. Being an active member of a chapter takes time, but most chapters have weekly meetings and other mandatory events throughout the academic year that are planned in advance. Being a member of a Greek organization is a lifelong commitment, and in return, members can expect to create lasting memories and lifelong brothers and sisters.

Members of Greek organizations are expected to maintain high grades, volunteer in the local community, and be involved and leaders in other campus organizations. Joining a fraternity or sorority also provides students with the opportunity to create lasting connections with current chapter members, as well as with the network of former members of the business world. In fact, members of college fraternities and sororities typically earn higher grades, better retention rates, and more hours of community service. Led by an executive board of nine students, the Interfraternal Council promotes the interests of fraternities in general and ensures cooperation between the different fraternities on campus.

Alpha Phi Alpha was founded at Cornell University in Ithaca (New York) by seven university students who recognized the need for a strong bond of brotherhood among people of African descent in this country. The founders of Jewel and the first leaders of the Fraternity managed to lay a firm foundation for the Alpha Phi Alpha principles of erudition, fellowship, good character, and the elevation of humanity. Joining a fraternity or sorority is an important decision that requires dedication and commitment from its members. It is important to understand what is expected from you before joining one so that you can make an informed decision about whether it is right for you.

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