Exploring Community Service Opportunities Through Fraternities in Nashville, Tennessee

Are you looking for ways to get involved in community service and volunteer opportunities in Nashville, Tennessee? Look no further than Tennessee State University! ESA is a leading group of mixed volunteers that are always looking for more help. By becoming a volunteer, you can have the power to change lives and help students succeed. There are many ways to get involved and different levels of commitment. The Trevecca Student Government Assembly (SGA) is a group of students elected to represent the interests of students within the Trevecca community.

They meet weekly to discuss important topics, campus-wide events, service projects, and spiritual initiatives. The SGA works with the Center for Student Development to provide leadership through service. The University Residency Association helps provide opportunities to learn leadership skills, grow spiritually, and develop holistically while living on campus. The RHA participates in a large number of activities in student residences and in all schools throughout the year.

Best Buddies Trevecca exists to establish one-on-one friendships between people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and Trevecca students. The Social Justice Club works closely with the Department of Social Justice to combat the problems facing our world today, such as hunger, poverty, and human trafficking. They have carried out service projects in community gardens, fundraisers for the Global Support Mission, and have gone to screen documentaries about human trafficking. The concert team is made up of a group of students from different specialties who meet and work on the production of concerts on campus.

This group offers weekly series of concerts for students and shows at the Hub, in addition to the participation of important artists. The highlight concert event of the year is the Boonearoo Music Festival, held every spring. Students from Belmont fraternities and sororities raise tens of thousands of dollars and dedicate thousands of hours of practical service each year to a variety of projects that benefit people locally and nationally. Since fraternity and brotherhood chapters are autonomous bodies in which members assume the responsibilities of directing the organization, the life of fraternities and university sororities is a special environment for living and learning.

The mission of fraternity and fellowship life at Belmont University is to promote student development by providing opportunities for scholarships, community services, campus participation, and fraternal friendship. Being a member of a college fraternity or sorority at any university offers your student a “home away from home” as it provides friendship, academic support, leadership development, and service opportunities that will help your son or daughter create a successful future. Participation in Belmont Fraternity and Sorority Life will provide students with opportunities to grow and develop in a values-based social environment. We welcome all questions about fraternity and sorority life at the Office of Student Engagement.

In addition, there are many leadership opportunities within the fraternity and sorority community, in addition to those in each chapter. If you're looking for ways to get involved in community service through fraternities in Nashville, Tennessee, there are plenty of options available!.

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