Noise Restrictions for Fraternity Events in Nashville, Tennessee

Are you organizing a fraternity event in Nashville, Tennessee? If so, you need to be aware of the noise restrictions that are in place. According to the August 3 elections results, all events with amplified sound must end amplification before 11 p.m. If your permit request is denied, you can file a formal appeal to have it reviewed and reconsidered by a committee of Metro employees. When submitting a permit request for several consecutive or individual dates, it will be limited to a total of ten dates per permit issued. Requests that exceed this number will require review and approval from the Office of Special Events and the Metropolitan Council.

The Nashville Metropolitan Area Fire Department will also require that all traces of the event allow for a fire lane with a minimum width of 20 feet, designed so that emergency vehicles can easily access it. It is important to note that signs promoting your event are not allowed to be placed within any public right-of-way, though detour and closing warning signs are exempt from this requirement. Once your event permission request is approved, you must submit the following items on the event checklist. Previously, they were due two weeks before the date of the event. Events allowed by the Metropolitan Government (Office of Cinema and Special Events) must not impair constitutional freedoms. People will be allowed to use all public spaces open to the general public to exercise constitutional freedoms.

All information provided in this request and the attached site map must be accurate, and any changes made to the site design must be sent to the Mayor's Office of Film and Special Events for review. The Fire Marshal's Office will approve and seal each review and return it to you. Any changes to the design of the site that occur during the organization of the event or during the event itself must also have approval from the Mayor's Office of Cinema and Special Events, Fire Department, and Fire Marshal's Office. Approval will require a representative from at least one of these offices to visit the event venue. If you need customer service from a Metro department, send a request to Additionally, Nashville offers mobile apps for both App Store and Google Play.

The Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) recognizes that traffic noise on highways is an important factor in improving and developing the state's highway system.

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