Networking and Professional Development Through Fraternities and Sororities at Belmont University

At Belmont University, fraternities and sororities provide students with the chance to form strong relationships that will last beyond their college years. Membership offers the opportunity to interact with a diverse group of people from the Greek community and other student organizations, as well as a support system as students transition to university life. Many sororities have a professional orientation to connect with former students in various professional fields. For example, Patton is a native of Memphis who now lives in Nashville and has created a life around reading and writing, yoga, and other recreational activities.

Her book tour for Rush will include stops in Memphis. The Office of Student Engagement is available to answer any questions about fraternity and sorority life.


is an inspiring initiative that encourages women in college sororities and men in fraternities to make changes in the way they manage their homes and treat their staff. Fraternity and university brotherhood chapters are autonomous bodies where members take on the responsibility of running the organization.

The mission of fraternity and fellowship life at Belmont University is to promote student development by providing opportunities for scholarships, community services, campus participation, and fraternal friendship, ensuring that all members have a safe, high-quality college experience. In addition, there are many leadership opportunities within the fraternity and sorority community. Being part of a college fraternity or sorority gives students a “home away from home” as it provides friendship, academic support, leadership development, and service opportunities that will help them create a successful future. Joining a business fraternity is an excellent way to get involved in the business world, learn how to network, prepare for interviews, craft the perfect resume, and meet new friends.

Participation in Belmont Fraternity and Sorority Life will provide students with opportunities to grow and develop in a values-based social environment. Students from Belmont fraternities and sororities raise tens of thousands of dollars and dedicate thousands of hours of practical service each year to various projects that benefit people locally and nationally.

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