The Endless Benefits of Joining a Fraternity in Nashville, Tennessee

Students who join Greek Life at Union have a wealth of opportunities to develop their leadership skills. Each organization provides members with the chance to take part in committees, make decisions for the chapter, and hold various elected positions. Additionally, members can benefit from mentorship and further their leadership training through national conferences and workshops. Most importantly, being part of a fraternity or sorority allows students to meet people from diverse backgrounds, fostering growth and maturity as they build relationships with those around them.

They can also give back to their community through service and form relationships that will last a lifetime. The advantages of joining a fraternity or sorority are countless, but there are also some important responsibilities that must be fulfilled in order to remain in good standing. At the beginning of each semester, there is an event called “Open Doors” where all fraternities open their doors for a few hours and welcome anyone interested in rushing. Every year, members of Belmont fraternities and sororities raise tens of thousands of dollars and dedicate thousands of hours of practical service to projects that benefit people locally and nationally. Furthermore, thanks to responsible partners, private Bible studies, prayer nights, and friends who care enough to ask hard questions, they can be encouraged in their faith through the relationships they form in their fraternity. Participation in Belmont Fraternity and Sorority Life provides students with the chance to grow and develop in a values-based social environment.

In addition to this, each fraternity or sorority organizes monthly social events and one formal one each semester. As the process continues throughout the semester, students will find that there are fewer fraternities they are potentially interested in joining. Unfortunately, there is a superiority complex that exists in certain brotherhoods and fraternities that classifies the different organizations. We challenge ourselves and continue to pressure NIC member fraternities to eliminate rhetoric that expresses the desire for cultural change and instead support action-oriented strategies that address the core issues that undermine the experience of fraternity throughout North America. During the first semester, it is essential for members to attend urgent meetings and events to meet with the final year students of the fraternities. Moreover, there are many leadership opportunities within the fraternity and sorority community as well as within each chapter.

Every year, all fraternities and sororities take part in various community service activities throughout Jackson such as food drives or Campus Community Day & which is celebrated annually at Union. As an expert on Greek life in Nashville, Tennessee, I can confidently say that joining a fraternity or sorority offers countless benefits. From developing leadership skills to forming lifelong relationships with people from diverse backgrounds, there are endless advantages to becoming part of a fraternity or sorority. Additionally, members have the opportunity to give back to their community through service projects and grow spiritually through Bible studies and prayer nights. With so many benefits available, it's no wonder why so many students choose to join Greek life at Union.

Karina Conable
Karina Conable

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