Are There Any Risks of Joining a Fraternity in Nashville, Tennessee?

At the national level, Greek life is facing a lot of scrutiny. In both large state universities and elite private universities, administrators are attempting to regulate Greek organizations that have been accused of hazing recruits and misusing alcohol. Studies have revealed that fraternity members are three times more likely to commit sexual assaults than non-members. When considering joining a fraternity or sorority, it is important to remember that the primary objectives of Greek life are to provide a support system for new college students, academic resources to help them reach their academic goals, leadership skills acquired through practical experience, encouragement to maximize student involvement on campus, and opportunities for active participation in community service projects.

A senior at Vanderbilt University, who was allowed to remain anonymous for privacy reasons, held a high-level leadership position in the Delta Tau Delta fraternity until the end of June. A week later, a group of Delta Tau Delta students spoke with a representative of the national section and expressed their concerns about the conduct of the fraternity and felt similarly dismissed. During the fall semester, young people are invited to fraternity events and are rejected by fraternities that don't want them before Thanksgiving break. Being part of a fraternity or sorority gives students an immediate sense of belonging to a home away from home, making it easier to transition to independent living.

In addition, last week, a video surfaced featuring members of a Vanderbilt fraternity and sorority in which a member of the fraternity said the n-word and a member of the sorority was wearing what appeared to be a rag. On most college campuses, joining a fraternity or sorority provides unparalleled opportunities for members to participate in all kinds of activities such as theme parties, theatrical productions, fundraising events, and Homecoming Week. Last month, hundreds of students left their fraternities and sororities at Vanderbilt University. However, just because pressure is increasing on students to leave the Greek system doesn't mean that most members of fraternities or sororities want to leave them.

On Wednesday, the governing panel of the Tufts sororities announced in a statement that rush (when students learn about different fraternities or sororities on campus) would not take place in the fall as they “decide what is the best course of action for Greek Life at Tufts and continue to examine “the structurally and situationally problematic nature of Greek Life”. Since committing to a fraternity or sorority instantly makes you part of a larger system of colleagues, one of the biggest advantages is establishing lifelong connections with current chapter members as well as with the network of former members in the business world. Careful not to question, I was aware of the risks faced by fraternities and university sororities even on the Georgetown campus where fraternities have less influence than in other schools. In fact, members of fraternities and sororities generally have higher grades, better retention rates, and more hours of community service.

Asher Curnutte (COL 2) grew up in Nashville, Tennessee around the types of fraternities that have sparked the national debate about Greek life. Fraternity members commit sexual assaults because like everything else in life they feel they have a right to have women's bodies. Joining a fraternity or sorority can be an exciting experience for college students looking for an opportunity to make new friends and gain valuable leadership skills. However, it is important for potential members to be aware of all potential risks associated with joining such an organization.

It is essential for prospective members to research their chosen organization thoroughly before making any commitments. Additionally, it is important for members to be aware of their rights and responsibilities within their organization so that they can ensure that they are not participating in any activities that could put them at risk.

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